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Samsung HW-Q900A 7.1.2ch Soundbar Home Audio System

With Dolby Atmos And DTS:X (2021) – HW-Q900A/ZA


Connectivity Technology HDMI In HDMI Out HDMI Inputs HDMI eARC Optical Inputs Wi-Fi Bluetooth Bluetooth Power On One Remote Control Alexa(Built-in) SmartThings App compatibilityHDMI In HDMI Out HDMI Inputs HDMI eARC Optical Inputs Wi-Fi Bluetooth Bluetooth Power On One Remote Control Alexa(Built-in) SmartThings App compatibility See more
Speaker Type Soundbar
Model Name HW-Q900A/ZA
Recommended Uses For Product For Televisions


  • Dolby Atmos / DTS:X
    Theater-quality sound that fires from the front, side and above for true audio immersion.
  • True 7.1.2ch Sound
    Next-level audio entertainment experience with 7 channels, 1 subwoofer and 2 up-fi ring channels.
  • Q-Symphony
    Perfectly synchronized, fully immersive audio from QLED TV and soundbar speakers.
  • SpaceFit Sound+
    Automatically calibrated sound and enriched bass to adapt to your space.
  • Built-in Voice Assistant
    Control your soundbar and stay connected with Alexa.
  • Airplay 2
    Stream audio from iOS devices with ease.
  • Adaptive Sound
    With Adaptive Sound enjoy dynamically optimized audio with enhanced voice clarity for whatever you are watching.
  • Game Pro Mode
    Level up your gaming experience with stunning 3D sound, including dynamic sound from above.
  • Tap Sound
    Play music on your soundbar with just a tap of your phone.
    Single cable connection for TV-connected devices passes advanced audio like Dolby Atmos.


Ready to hear your command

With Alexa built into your soundbar, utilize all of Alexa\’s functionality including playing music, asking about the weather and more–without needing a separate device.

Works with Alexa and requires an Amazon Echo device to use this feature.


Catch every word without distractions

Emphasizes the voices in each scene so you can hear every line of dialogue clearly.


Hear better. Play better.

Level up with 3D directional audio from up-firing speakers. Acoustic Beam and powerful woofers automatically sync sound with the on-screen action, while crosstalk cancellation minimizes distractions.

Compatible with select TVs and select game consoles only. (e.g. Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch).


Sound optimized for each scene

Forget rewinding to catch what was said. Enjoy dynamically optimized audio with enhanced voice clarity for whatever you are watching, including sports, games, movies and more.

UPC 887276526348


  1. makugr8

    o simple anyone could do it.The sound is excellent and my friends say they can definitely hear a difference.

  2. ML

    It uses a lot of technology to make extremely sophisticated sound that justifies the price. I’m delighted with it.

  3. KingDr

    This speaker is well worth the significant amount of money.

  4. Scott

    I recommend it for the sound, ease of setup and smaller footprint than a amp and speaker setup.

  5. GypsyKingJoey

      I don’t think I’ll be needing to update it for a while now. Two thumbs up with this one!

  6. Amy

    I am very impressed with this bar. Paired it with my QLED 80T and that Q symphony is awesome feel like i am at the movie theater. The bar shoot sounds all over the room.

  7. Joe Fernandez

    The soundbar works as advertised, the setup was easy enough to figure out.

  8. Philip Cabuzzi

      You won’t be disappointed..

  9. Harrison

    Attracted to this because of the brand and compatibility with our Samsung TV, and it having Dolby Atmos.  it really takes the in home theatre experience to the next level as they also has upwards firing speakers, to provide a 5.1.4 setup. We had a movie night watching Avengers Infinity War and it was so immersive and amazing!

  10. juans

    This Samsung soundbar is really awesome if you want the best for watch movies ….this is the one not doubt about it.

  11. Anthony Davis

    The new Samsung Q700a Soundbar is great!

  12. Chuck

    Excellent sound and the bass sounds amazing. Not too much but just the right amount boom lol. The remote also has buttons to change the sound mode to only allow the bar to work or you can turn the bass volume up or down.

  13. Craig&them

      would absolutely recommend this soundbar to anyone looking.

  14. kinojack

    The sound bar is a little pricey but worth the benefit of enjoying great audio. You live only once. Enjoy it.

  15. Craig&them

      would absolutely recommend this soundbar to anyone looking.

  16. Christian Barreto

    Amazing Sound.

  17. Joshua A…

    The sound is amazing, has so much power and such a rich deep bass, links wonderfully to my 4k samsung tv through Bluetooth and HDMI. Linking my phone was simple and sounds so amazing paired up with Amazon music unlimited HD.

  18. RedPill

    I’m not sure why people might prefer listening to music in stereo mode with this system, except that it might be more accurate if that is how the source material was designed. I’m not bothering to change modes from surround. Curiously, thngs didn’t evaluate this system in surround mode and hence didn’t utilize all the speakers.

  19. Rocketwidget

      It is odd that you need both the remote and the app to configure every possible setting.

  20. Jay M

     Absolutely yes.

  21. Steve Long

    this soundbar rocks! Plenty of volume, high quality sounds, separate center channel, powerful subwoofer/bass, Dolby Atmos speakers, and works with the speakers in my Samsung TV to improve dispersion. Not a fan of the remote, which was very difficult to open to install batteries, but mostly I use my TV remote anyway.

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